What We Are: Academic Writers is a brand name made up consortium of professional African academicians and writers who are employed by the company (AW), registered with the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION of NIGERIA (RC 2684751) and the writers are residents all over Africa with the sole aim of assisting anyone, researchers, corporate organizations, individuals, and government alike in specialized areas such as writing academic publications,B.Sc/B.A/B.M projects, thesis, dissertations and term papers. We have solved the problems and financial resources needed to visit Africa for write-ups such as Zimbabwe Ruins, Problems of Oil Pollution in Ogoni Land in Nigeria, Boko Haram fanatics in North-East Nigeria, Relics of Slave Trade in Sierra Leone, The Egyptian Pyramid and a host of others. We not only write, we take pictures from your desired assignment location in Africa and send them to you to verify. We are proud of our originality and reputation.

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1.  Make a request of Price Quotation by filling the Order form. Our admin will contact you within 24 hrs with a quotation that is tailored towards your need.

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3.  A preview copy of the service is delivered on or before the deadline; after which the remaining payment balance of 30% must be made in order for you to obtain the finished work.

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