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Terms & Conditions


It is assumed that you have read and totally agree with the terms and conditions of Academic Writers once you have decided to make use of this website and transact business with us.

An under-aged person is not allowed to access or make use of this website. Furthermore, we assume that you are of legal age once you decide to purchase any of the products or services of Academic Writers as advertised on this website.

Your submission of the order form on this website as well as payment means that you are fully abreast of the terms and conditions and have decided to legally comply with it. By extension, that interprets to a legally binding agreement between you and Academic Writers.


Any service rendered or products delivered are totally original. Therefore, Academic Writers and/or its affiliates/partners reserve the full copyright of any product or other materials delivered to you.

You are therefore obliged to use any product or services on this website for personal and non-commercial purpose only. Products on this website are not to be distributed, transmitted, modified, displayed, or published by any client/agent without prior written consent from client/agent and approval from Academic Writers. A client/agent shall be liable to hold harmless, defend, and indemnifying Academic Writers should he/she uses any material without being authorized. Civil or criminal penalties may be invoked should there be any case of unauthorized usage of the products on this website from any client/agent.


With the use of the website, client/agent acknowledges that Academic Writers reserves the right to cancel any prior agreement or contract arrangement if it discovers that attempt has been made to pass plagiarized product to us as original for the purpose of proofreading or editing. In the even of such cancellation, the client forfeits any form of payment deposit and may be prosecuted in the court of law.

All clients acknowledge that any product or other written materials delivered to him/her is purely for research and referencing purposes. Academic Writers do not intentionally promote or encourage the use of plagiarized items to perpetuate academic fraud and therefore, will not be liable to student/client detention, dismissal, or prosecution should he/she found wanting in any act of dishonesty. Our company strongly abide by all copyright laws and will not violate such even if a client/agent tries to play smart.

Academic Writers accepts plagiarism level that is below 10%. However, clients should note that references, bibliography, in-text citations, and cliched phrases (maxims, proverbs, standard phrases, and other popular/frequently used phrases) shall not be measured as part of plagiarism and therefore, exempted from the computation of plagiarism level.


Neither a client/agent nor Academic Writers or its affiliates is allowed to share any information or agreement entered into in the cause of delivering a service/product with any with a third party. Each order is treated with utmost confidentiality and no element of client’s data or information is disclosed to a third party.


Academic Writers’ fees for the available services are available on the “Pricing” page of this website. Please bear in mind that we have exclude VAT from the listed prices and will add it as soon as payment is requested from client. VAT and partly paid Order fees are non-refundable.

In the event whereby a client requests a special service that is not listed on the type of services rendered by Academic Writers, or he/she requests a complete amended of the initial order specifications, a separate charge will be set and requested by Academic Writers.

Each client is requested to pay at least, 70% of the total fees in advance before a work commences, base on the premise that a competent writer in that area of client’s order specifications is available. Academic Writers shall make full refund to any client whose order has been approved with the initial deposit made, should there be unavailability of freelance writer to handle the project.

Immediately any version, a part, or a whole of the Product/Service is delivered to the client, the client no longer has the privilege to request for a refund of the payment made.


Your order placement through www.academicwriters.com.ng is fully backed up with solid 100% money back guarantee. By so doing, we intend to protect each client’s interest during the cause of handling individual orders by our team of writers.. The conditions for full refund payment are as follows:

  1. When the client inadvertently makes a payment for the same service order twice.
    2, When www.academicwriters.com.ng can not provide competent writer to the client in the area of academic discipline based on the content of the submitted Order form.

However, the Money Back Guarantee does not apply, should:
1. The client paid only a part or installment of the whole or total fee charged


After successfully completing a client’s order, a portion of the preview copy is sent to his/her email for perusal and when he/she agrees and satisfies with the content, balance payment is expected from him/her upon which the complete whole of the work/order is delivered to the mail provided when filling the order form, immediately there’s confirmation of such payments.

The client is expected to request for alteration or modifications within 7 days of receipt of such upon which Academic Writer assumes there are no bases for such and then goes ahead to close transaction with such client. Our company shall not be held responsible for a break in the client’s communication within the stipulated 7 days, no matter the excuse or circumstances. The seven days begins immediately the client receives the final product through mail or fails to communicate with us.


You as a client or your representative acknowledges and gives consent to the prerogative right of sole revision to these Terms and Conditions by Academic Writers. It is advisable for clients to visit this portion of Academic Writer’s website for day to day update.